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Water reflections



21/01/24 AUDI LOCUS (US)



30/07/23 Solar Soundwaves (US)

anmar - My Voice

20/07/23 Electronica (UK)

Anmar's "gaia" a quirky and powerful sonic journey

16/07/23 Teddy bjoerklund (DK)

shout out/review - this magical place

01/07/23 Jyla music blog (UK)

Discovering the Enchanting Musical Journey of anmar’s First EP: ‘This Magical Place’

25/06/23 Up to hear (UK)

anmar, an interview

21/06/23 Iggy magazine (FR)

Anmar continue de séduire avec un nouvel EP qui s’intitule « This Magical Place »

05/06/23 Nordic Music Central (UK):

Anmar (Denmark) – Gaia (Sample Track From EP This Magical Place)

02/06/23 MUUV (DK):

Musikinspiration - anmar: this magical place

02/06/23 Parapop (ID):

anmar - Jive

02/06/23 Music For All (PT):

arrebata com a incrível estreia em EP “this magical place”; confira

28/03/23 Danske Bands (DK):

anmar - "My Voice"

14/03/23 MUUV (DK):

Musikinspiration - anmar: Lille Pige

12/03/23 Direct Actu (FR):

Anmar – Gaia & lille pige

01/03/23 Teddy Bjoerklund (DK):

Lille Pige by anmar

22/02/23 Bandsoftomorrow (DK):

Forbliv den lille pige du er indeni

21/01/23 Teddy Bjoerklund (DK):

Gaia by anmar

26/01/23 Danske Bands (DK):

Debut-single fra anmar

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