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It's never been a specific goal of mine but I've come to enjoy working with a very small setup using the potential of every tool that i have fully.

In my 'home studio' I work on a Macbook pro 13" in the daw Logic Pro x 10.5.0. I record vocals on a sE2200a and record through a scarlett 2i2 while listening on yamaha hs7 monitos or via beyerdynamic's model dt 770 pro.

I use my iphone or a zoom recorder when recording samples for percussions or to create super nice pads or synth basses.


My Voice

Live session jan 2023


Lead/bass synth: Anne Marie Roel Messerschmidt

Viola: Elvira C. J. Jacobsen

Cello: Annette Kruse Scharling

Keys/synth: Anders Pilgaard Grishauge

drums: Peter Naur


dance leader: Annette Kruse Scharling costumes/styling: Regitze Toft Bresson


Anne Marie Roel Messerschmidt, Bjork Þorðardóttir, Elvira C.J. Jacobsen, Johan Boje Mortensen, Nanna Nørgaard, Pernille Vingaard Andersen, Tone Mie Pagh Rosenthal

Mastering: Kasper Moeller

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