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anmar's music is a playful and quirky universe of sounds characterized by a distinctly introspective flavor dealing with larger existential themes that are gently filtered through collages of home-recorded samples and soft choir scapes.

It's the desire to let go of the predictability and perpetual grip of everyday life and instead turn our attention inward to the place where our imagination unfolds and our dreams and longings emerge which is the driving force in her songs; where our feet feel the earth even as we soar above it.

In the summer of 2023 released her debut EP 'this magical place' which offers different facets of this eclectic universe.

Common to all the tracks is, however, the mutual exploration of sound and lyricism through play, which constantly influence each other in new directions, ultimately reinforcing the musical intention as well as the overall message.

By combining playfulness in the soundscapes with the more severe tone in the lyrics, anmar facilitates the openness which is necessary for the soft human to remain soft in an otherwise hard world.

"Musically, there are several features which help the song stand out from the crowd [...] It’s certainly original and for that reason alone I’m glad we will get to hear more of anmar soon."
"Conceptually realizing her own musical world, anmar takes you on a journey complete with emotional swings and fantastical sonic atmospheres.  A combination of fear and wonder, often intertwined, present like a complete living musical experience. "

EP - this magical place

The Wild Is Calling

anmar as a kid, wearing a princess dress

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